Global Eye Contour Treatment


Een dubbele oogcontour verzorging die 24u per dag werkt om rimpels, donkere kringen en wallen te bestrijden.

Day Gel-Cream 10ml
• Een hydraterende en beschermende gel-crème textuur
• De bijzondere formule bereidt de huid voor op een perfecte toepassing van de make-up
• Gladmakend, liftend, beschermend

Night Cream 10ml
• Voedzame en zijdezachte textuurt
• Werkt beter ‘s nachts om de delicate huid van de oogcontour te herstellen
• Regenereert, verlicht, ontspant

Op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)


Breng de daggel-crème ‘s morgens aan op de hele contour, ook op het bovenste ooglid.
Breng vanaf 20.00 uur de nachtcrème aan, met nadruk op het gebied van de donkere kringen.

In het verlengde van onze strategie hebben we een routine van oefeningen ontworpen die geïnspireerd zijn op gezichtsyoga, zowel overdag als ‘s nachts.
s Nachts versterken met bewegingen van perioculaire lymfedrainage (afbeeldingen in de verpakking).

Extra informatie


BTX-Tripeptine: An active ingredient created within the laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini. With an innovative action against dynamic wrinkles. A combination of 3 peptides with complementary actions to neutralise the effect of the constant dermo-contractions throughout the day.

Tissulage Tech: The regenerating power to fight static wrinkles with a complex of peptides, reducing the depth and length of wrinkles, both fine & deep.

Blefaroplex: Increases collagen and elastin synthesis, with a lifting action that fights flaccidity on the eyelid. The skin becomes firmer and more toned.

Biomimetic Oligosaccharides; Generate an invisible barrier, defending the skin against pollution, allergens and other irritating agents that harm the skin daily. They create a second skin that renews the skin’s vitality

Spherical Microparticles: Behaving like water deposits so the skin feels perfectly hydrated, thus fighting dryness.

Energy Phytoactives: A compound that combines three botanical extracts: Pfaffia, Maripuama and White Lily. Energy Phytoactives intervenes in the origin of the three problems that “place a shadow” on our eye contour: the ility of the small vessels, hyperpigmentation, and accumulation of liquid and/or fat.

• Against vascular dark circles, of bluish colour: strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, restores the microcirculation in the area and prevents the deposit of the blood pigments responsible for the blue/violet colouring. The eyelids are oxygenated.

• Against pigmentation dark circles, of brown colour: for its anti-inflammatory and soothing capacity it reduces the excessive production of melanin that originates as a consequence of a chronic inflammatory condition.

• Against puffiness: it adds two actions: draining and lipolytic. Reduces the accumulated liquid and fat deposits that generate the appearance of the two types of puffiness.

With Energy Phytoactives the signs of fatigue are extraordinarily reduced.